• M1

    M1 (35)

    Made from the finest quality tobacco, M1 is our most popular brand among the classy urban smokers for it’s smooth drag and additional flavours it comes in.
  • RIO

    RIO (15)

    Finely crafted cigarette for the metrosexual. Available in Super Slim, Nano and King Size options so no one misses out on the pleasure. With every puff elevate your smoking experience with low smoke, good taste and rich blend.
  • FOX

    FOX (12)

    Best Smoking Industry in Middle East Countries and Cigarette manufacturing Industry, Al Matuco Tobacco Company,UAE and Singapore, Malaysia. Buy now

    MODEST (9)

    Leaves it difficult for you to be modest when you smoke this one! An American blend with high quality tobacco to match the taste of high-spirited smokers. Will leave you bragging about this one when you are with peers on your coffee break at work.
  • ECCO

    ECCO (9)

    The low smoke super slim & nano cigarettes with mild nicotine and amazing taste for young, hip and the folks who wear carry their confidence everywhere they go and always stand out in the crowd.
  • ZEN

    ZEN (8)

    As you take the puffs of this cigarette, you will discover the meaning of being ZEN truly. The blissful taste is perfect for the adventurous souls who like to go off road and dare to go against the tide.

    SWIFT (7)

    Give your mind and soul wings as you experience the calmness of this cigarette.